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About ADP Vantage HCM

ADP Vantage HCM is a human resource management software that helps companies streamline their day-to-day human resource activities so they are able to increase productivity amongst employees, improve communication, increase participation and examine time and labor data. ADP Vantage HCM’s software has comprehensive HCM analytics that allow businesses to get a single view of critical analytics throughout a business. The software lets companies unify all of their services into a single solution.

ADP Vantage HCM software has comprehensive HCM analytics that allow businesses to analyze actionable business intelligence. The software has unconventional metrics that allow managers to organize data in ways that suit their needs. Its workflows are configurable so that managers are able to automate unique processes, enhance collaboration and maximize productivity throughout a company.

The software also has an app that allows employess to connect with their employer through a smart phone. With the app, employees are able to receive company news and view upcoming events. Employees are also able to access a directory to call, email, and locate colleagues.

Companies like Kool Smiles use ADP Vantage HCM software to manage payroll, HR, learning management, talent management, benefits, time and attendance for nearly 3,000 employees in 16 states.

ADP is an American provider of business outsourcing solutions. It is one of the largest providers of business processing and cloud-based solutions. It provides software for payroll, talent management, human resource management, benefits administration and attendance.

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