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About Distribution One V2 Enterprise

The V2 Enterprise ERP software produced by Distribution One is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution primarily designed for distributors and wholesalers. This wholesale distribution software can greatly help your distribution or wholesale business by making your firm’s operations faster and easier. This is done by comprehensively converting your basic business operations into automated processes, eliminating old-fashioned and time-consuming manual business processes. These operations include, but are not limited to: order sales entries, purchasing entries, inventory procedures, accounting automation, finance, and CRM. Moreover, V2 Enterprise ERP software can operate on Windows servers, making your whole business automation experience even more practical and easier to implement.

Distribution One also designed the V2 Enterprise ERP Software with user-friendliness in mind; the main screen and its menus are very intuitive to use and navigate. This ERP software also features tabs that allow you to immediately view an up-to-date presentation of your wholesale or distribution company’s business affairs. Now, in no time, you can retrieve data or information on any internal process or operation, minus the hassle of inefficient, manual preparation and data recording. Distribution One is known for producing enterprise resource software solutions for the purpose of making wholesale and distribution businesses operate in a more efficient way.

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