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DocuTAP  provides integrated electronic medical record and practice management solutions for urgent care clinics. DocuTAP’s Urgent Care EMR & PM is designed for use with tablet computers and allows mobility throughout the practice. The Urgent Care EMR & PM helps improve practice efficiency, reduce error rates and accurately coordinate care.

DocuTAP’s Urgent Care EMR & PM features robust functions designed with the needs of urgent care centers in mind. Within the program’s document management function, users can access patient records, auto-populate needed forms and view detailed medication histories. The Urgent Care EMR & PM includes workers’ compensation forms and filing, a feature not available from similar products. Since the program is designed for use with any tablet computer, documentation and access to vital patient information is performed with simple taps on the screen. Urgent Care EMR & PM’s optional billing functions ensure that practices maximize revenue by billing for 100% of provided services. This program includes an online Patient Portal which allows patients to pre-register for services and review their account. Unlike other programs, DocuTAP’s EMR & PM includes automated discharge instructions, patient education, referrals and straight-to-pharmacy prescription capabilities. Recently, DocuTap has created a Revenue Cycle Management and Billing software that seamlessly integrates with its EHR platform. This means there will be less time dealing with financials and and more time communicating with patients.

DocuTAP’s unique Urgent Care EMR & PM has provided multiple urgent care practices with tools to increase efficiency, revenue and productivity. One of DocuTAP’s clients, Lansing Urgent Care, needed an electronic medical record solution that was fast, affordable and user-friendly. By implementing DocuTAP’s solutions in the practice, Lansing Urgent Care’s staff reduced chart review time by 50%, now completes patient notes in under 2 minutes and reduced average visit duration by 15 minutes per patient.

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