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About Upsolver

Upsolver enables organizations to transform data streams into analytics in minutes.  Upsolver is fast, simple to use, and supports any data volume from gigabytes to petabytes. This solution is powered by the cutting-edge Volcano™ technology,  and it queries an entire data lake in less than a millisecond and stores 10-20 times more data in RAM – allowing organizations to meet any scale and performance needs without relying on long data engineering projects.

Features of Upsolver include reading data: AWS S3 / Kafka / Kinesis using build-it integrations (JSON, CSV, TSV, Avro, Parquet and more), delivering data: AWS Athena, Redshift, ElasticSearch and Amazon S3 in various file formats including JSON / CSV / AVRO / Parquet (Upsolver also manages partitions and optimizes S3 file sizes), and enrichments including hundreds of functions to clean and enrich raw data including hierarchies and arrays. It also allows user-defined functions in Python. Also includes streaming aggregations that work for any size time window such as regular or aggregated output tables, sessionization, accurate count distinct in real-time and at scale, and nested aggregations for user/device profiling. All Upsolver’s monitoring metrics are sent to internal monitoring systems like DataDog or Influx.  The Upsolver user interface can also be used for monitoring. Upsolver can be deployed either on the Upsolver VPC or the organization’s VPC.

Upsolver is packaged as a public or private cloud solution and is easily configured using a drag & drop UI or SQL.

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