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About Unitrends

Unitrends specializes in data protection and cloud storage services for IT companies. Offering a range of services for file storage, future loss prevention, and lost file recovery, Unitrends seeks to simplify and strengthen cloud storage. Additionally, Unitrends offers assistance with disaster recovery and helps companies plan long-term backup solutions.

Unitrends uses a disk-to-disk network based system, which allows for data backup and recovery across a variety of platforms. For businesses that use a combination of hardware, software, cloud servers, and virtual appliances, Unitrends provides comprehensive protection services that address all types of data and systems. The protection applications are compatible with over 100 different operating systems, storage devices, computers, etc. For IT businesses, Unitrends provides long term protection of critical data and recovery services in cases of lost files. Unitrends also creates archives for data, which enables fast and easy file access. In addition to protection and storage, Unitrends provides coverage plans for hardware and software applications, which are customizable for the level of support that users need.

Many companies have used Unitrends to protect their data, including businesses in hospitality, education, retail, manufacturing, and IT. In one example, 360 Federal Credit Union used Unitrends to protect financial data for over 17,000 members. Unitrends provided fast and efficient backup and recovery services, which enabled 360 Federal Credit Union to quickly archive and protect its member’s information.

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