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TurboHireProduct Overview

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TurboHire product overview

TurboHire is an AI-powered intelligent recruitment platform that enables better and faster talent decisions at enterprises. Over 100 organizations have used TurboHire for building a data-driven, structured, and collaborative recruitment process. TurboHire offers three distinct modules:

  • Discover – to find talent with human-machine collaboration. Humans are innately creative whereas machines are capable of generating data-centric insights. TurboHire brings together a powerful talent intelligence to help you source, screen, and assess candidates.
  • Interview – to help move candidates from getting acquainted to getting hired. Interviewing is a collaborative process to find your next best future employee. With TurboHire, you can schedule and conduct high quality live and one-way interviews to understand your candidates before making hiring decisions.
  • Structure – to make better decisions that follow structured recruitment. An efficient recruitment process is structured, collaborative, and data-driven. Engage all stakeholders, keep track of talent pipeline, and generate insightful hiring reports using the same platform.

With the three modules combined, TurboHire customers can reduce what it costs and the time it takes to hire employees and improve the quality of employees hired.

Pros of TurboHire

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  • Smart card repository: TurboHire converts the resume repository of organizations into a highly searchable, always fresh, LinkedIn-like network, allowing for faster screening of jobs and rediscovery of candidates from the old database.
  • AI-enhanced chat bot: With a candidate-friendly chat bot for screening assessments, recruiters can assess candidates across more than 700 skills across psychometric, technical, and functional competencies.
  • Automated interviews: TurboHire helps recruiters conduct automated interviews with candidates and provides a video interviewing platform with scorecards and automated scheduling of interviews.
  • Unified platform: All-in-one offering makes recruiters life easy and helps organizations track everything in one platform.

Cons of TurboHire

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  • TurboHire is a recruitment software that does not include payroll and onboarding features.

Breakdown of core features

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Multi-channel sourcing

TurboHire provides a single platform to source from job boards, work with recruitment partners, and build an employee portal or a careers page.

Candidate discovery

Convert your entire resume database into a LinkedIn-like searchable and always-fresh network.

AI-assisted screening and chat bot assessments

TurboHire includes an AI-based screening engine to help you find the best candidate from a large resume database. You can also trigger proctored assessments for technical and non-technical skills of candidates directly from the software.

Automated interviews and group interviews

TurboHire creates recorded interviews with AI-based analysis to help you focus on the right candidates. The integrated interviews and evaluation tools equip interviewers to find all the relevant information in one place and provide their feedback.

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Quick Facts

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    All Industries
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  • Recruitment marketing
  • Candidate discovery
  • Employee portal
  • Careers portal
  • Vendor portal
  • Chrome extension
  • Candidate ranking
  • Resume parsing
  • Smart cards
  • Job recommendations
  • Skill sets
  • Smart tags
  • Duplicate detection
  • Chat bot assessment
  • Behavioral assessment
  • Ready-to-go assessment
  • Social profiles
  • Bulk scheduling


  • Indeed
  • Dice
  • CareerBuilder
  • Google Jobs
  • LinkedIn
  • Adaface
  • MyAnatomy
  • Greenhouse
  • Recruiterbox
  • HROne
  • Zoom
  • Google Meet

Pricing Model

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  • Pro
  • Enterprise


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