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About The T-System EV

The T-System offers electronic health record (EHR) solutions for emergency medicine departments. EV™, The T-System’s fully-electronic health record solution, streamlines the communication process throughout an emergency department, resulting in the ability to deliver faster, more accurate medical care.

EV™ features care processes tailored to the needs of emergency departments, takes only a short time to implement, and receives a 100% clinical adoption rate. Features of EV™ include iTriage connectivity, patient tracking, and a convenient image center. Its features allow ER physicians to provide excellent care while having secure, mobile access to vital patient information. During a patient encounter, EV™ allows physicians and nurses to complete charts, prescribe medication electronically, and access clinical decision support. During discharge, EV™ quickly accesses and prints discharge instructions which helps ensure that providers and patients better understand treatment recommendations and follow-up protocols. This platform includes medical home connectivity that helps ensure continuity of care after patients leave the hospital. EVTM’s robust reporting features help emergency departments evaluate the efficiency and quality of its medical care so can track their progress toward quality goals and uncover treatment patterns.

The T-System’s EV™ product has been implemented by many emergency medical departments. Brockton Hospital, one of The T-System’s customers, was struggling to efficiently provide quality patient care and ensure accurate, timely dictation. After implementing EV™, Brockton Hospital experienced an overall reduction in ER length of stay, eliminated $120,000 in dictation expenses and increased ER revenue by over a half-million dollars.

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