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About TreeHouse Interactive

TreeHouse Interactive is recognized as the first company to offer SaaS CRM solutions at an enterprise level. Marketing automation from TreeHouse Interactive boasts scalability, campaign customization, multi-channel capabilities, and seamless integration with other solutions. TreeHouse Interactive, Inc. is headquartered in Draper, UT and is known for its strong involvement in the greater community.

While most marketing automation solutions focus exclusively on inbound marketing, TreeHouse Interactive offers solutions ranging from inbound to outbound campaigns to social media to content marketing. TreeHouse Interactive focuses on lead qualification and scoring, processes which help companies identify qualified leads. By identifying sales-ready leads, companies can nurture and convert prospects faster than ever before. Through marketing automation with TreeHouse Interactive, the process of generating leads and measuring campaign ROI has never been more accurate or efficient. Combined with traditional marketing analytics, Treehouse’s data reports reduce errors while increasing productivity for businesses of all sizes and types.

Tech news site VentureBeat understood the demand for big data in the cloud. With the help of TreeHouse Interactive, VentureBeat was able to simplify the process of qualifying  ad leads, target qualified prospects, and eliminate redundant tasks in its marketing department. VentureBeat saved thousands on its annual marketing budget thanks to TreeHouse Interactive

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