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About eTeklogics TraxFast

eTeklogics offers superior software solutions to help businesses save money and maintain control of their assets. Having started in 1984, they have years of experience offering excellent customer support and service, and in helping companies get started with their many business tools. eTeklogics is dedicated to making sure that their clients’ businesses run smoothly and profitably, and they’re always working to create solutions to asset and inventory issues. They offer tracking software as well as inventory control solutions and dashboards. eTeklogics has offices and distributors across the nation and works hard to make sure that business is taken care of.

eTeklogics’ TraxFast helps companies save time and money by maintaining control of their assets. TraxFast asset tracking software helps companies improve their bottom line and saves them time and energy. It allows them to track assets using barcodes, RFID, digital imagery and GPS. This inventory management software is designed for any size of business and is fully customizable to work within multiple industries. eTeklogics’ superior asset tracking software has features like route accounting, maintenance and reporting to allow companies to maintain control of their products. TraxFast is a flexible and easy-to-implement inventory management software system. Keep track of tools, utilities, medical supplies and more with eTeklogics TraxFast asset tracking software.

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