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TransformifyProduct Overview

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Transformify product overview

Transformify is a workforce management software built for companies of all sizes. It allows businesses to hire both employees and independent contractors across the globe to manage onboarding, payroll, and compliance.

Transformify provides an AI-driven applicant tracking system, freelancer management system, vendor management system, billing, and global payment automation from a single dashboard.

Pros of Transformify

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  • Transformify operates as CaaS or company-as-a-service, ensuring compliance with IR35 in the UK and AB 5 in the U.S. It classifies and manages invoices and payments, regardless of the number of independent contractors.
  • It is an end-to-end workforce management system that empowers the HR team and saves on costs by automating candidate sourcing, billing or self-billing, and payments.

Cons of Transformify

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  • Transformify prioritizes custom integration requests. Therefore, some customers may wait longer than others for their integration.

Breakdown of core features

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AI-driven applicant tracking system (ATS)

Transformify delivers ML algorithms that enable recruiters to attract top talent, assess candidates, and fill roles quicker while navigating the entire hiring process.

Freelancer management system (FMS)

The solution manages onboarding, billing, and payments to international contractors. Transformify has a self-billing functionality that issues tax-compliant invoices on behalf of independent contractors. Clients can approve and transfer payments to numerous countries with a click.

Vendor management system (VMS)

Transformify is ideal for movie studios and fashion shows because its VMS feature facilitates paying thousands of one-off vendors without collecting bank account or invoice details. It automatically reconciles payments and avoids duplicates using the system’s internal controls.

Employer of record (EOR)

Transformify acts as the business’s employer of record for international hiring. It handles payroll, payments, and taxes without the need for a local legal entity or bank account.

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  • CaaS
  • AI-driven applicant tracking system
  • Freelancer management system
  • Vendor management system
  • Employer of record
  • Advisory services
  • cDiversity Hiring


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