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About TrackerRMS CRM

TrackerRMS started in 2005 when the founding partners realized there were growing needs in the sales and recruitment industry for software applications that could provide improved functionality and efficiency. This unique company has focused its efforts on providing powerful software solutions that reduce IT costs and improve customer tracking ability.

TrackerRMS CRM Software allows you to see how your leads and opportunities are progressing at any time in the lifecycle, either by person, by department, by territory or even by opportunity type. Through workflow and automation of common aspects of opportunity management, you and your sales teams can focus more on clients, and leave the rest on TrackerRMS.

TrackerRMS supports a number of different users, regardless of role. Popular among sales professionals, TrackerRMS software can help improve virtually all areas of sales, including lead generation, email marketing, and customer management. TrackerRMS has also proven useful with support professionals, aiding them in providing enhanced customer service and solution management. Project managers use the TrackerRMS CRM software for its automation capabilities, timesheet resources, and client management capabilities. With deep, intuitive features, the TrackerRMS CRM is truly a top-notch customer relationship management software.

The Nielsen Company, one of the leaders in consumer behavior information, has used the TrackerRMS CRM software to manage its sales and projects in dozens of different countries across the globe. The CRM software allowed the company to integrate better communication and knowledge-sharing throughout different regions, resulting in better management and productivity.

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