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Medical billing and coding services
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Total RCM SolutionsProduct Overview

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  2. Pros of Total RCM Solutions
  3. Cons of Total RCM Solutions
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Total RCM Solutions product overview

Total RCM Solutions provides medical billing and coding services to specialty physician practices and ambulatory surgical centers. Total RCM Solutions will work with both insurance companies and patients to get outstanding claims and invoices paid, submit claims, and even resolve disputes. Additionally, they can manage accounts receivable services and monitor and analyze denials from the payer. They can even provide consulting services to improve efficiency and workflow for billing.

Pros of Total RCM Solutions

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Total RCM Solutions allows smaller practices to outsource the time-consuming job of billing.

Cons of Total RCM Solutions

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Two pricing models offer rates based on a percentage of payments collected or an FTE rate. Picking the best value plan for your practice may require guesswork unless you are accurately able to predict cashflow.

Breakdown of core features

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Medical Coding

Experts at Total RCM Solutions assign the CPT, HCPCS, and ICD10 codes to the services performed based on the medical documentation. They also review the accuracy of the codes from EMR to the PM systems to send out clean claims.

Medical Billing & Disputes

Total RCM Solutions’ tailor-made billing service is designed to fit into any process requirement without having to switch software providers. Total RCM Solutions will also follow up with claim denials and work towards a resolution.

Reporting & Analytics

Total RCM Solutions can provide evaluation and analysis on your practice based on various financial reports that are produced from your PM system and compare with the other benchmarking organizations. They can also provide consulting on current practices and processes. After a complete review and analysis of the data generated from your current EMR and the process followed by your team, they will come up with tailored practice recommendations and solutions for your team.

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Quick Facts

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    Any Sized Businesses


  • Medical Billing
  • Medical Coding
  • AR and Denial Management
  • Appeals Management
  • Patient Account Services
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Consultation
  • Percentage Model: Service Charge range would be between 4% and 8% on the payments collected for the practice for the given month.
  • FTE Model: Depending upon the process, per FTE rate would range between $2000 to $2500
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