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Top ProducerProduct Overview

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  2. Pros of Top Producer
  3. Cons of Top Producer
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Top Producer product overview

Top Producer X CRM is a real estate solution that provides today’s agents with tools to maintain relationships at every stage of the client life cycle. The software is updated for 2021 real estate and has integrations to everyday email, websites, dynamic workflows, ‘X’ factor insights, and automated marketing, allowing agents to build lifelong relationships.

Top Producer provides valuable insights on leads and contacts that help agents warm up every call. This includes updates from social profiles like photos, interests, locations, or the contact’s engagement with emails and listing alerts. Once integrated with an MLS board, Top Producer allows agents to research, share, and save listings with their leads and growing database. In just a few clicks, a property can become the agent’s next transaction with custom task plans, important dates, and calendar reminders to keep them on track.

Pros of Top Producer

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  • Top Producer provides everyday real estate tools like email, leads, text, MLS, and transactions in one database. This enables agents and teams to save time, simplify communications, and provide a high level of service.
  • The software’s ‘X’ factor insights show behind-the-scenes contact behaviors and interests, helping agents target their next opportunity. It provides a modern user interface and streamlined experience as well as a high quality of support and coaching.

Cons of Top Producer

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  • While Top Producer workflows are dynamic and work well with an agent’s calendar and reminders, these workflows do not include document storage or e-signatures. Agents can save templates within the CRM for quick access, but sending the document as it appears in the to-do list is necessary. Brokers or agents who handle multiple transactions may still require an additional tool to track compliance and paperwork.

Breakdown of core features

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Top Producer has features that help agents stay organized and follow up effectively.


Top Producer’s two-way sync allows users to communicate and book meetings with contacts from the CRM or while in Gmail, Outlook, Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, or Apple ICloud. The CRM includes email insights for tracking opens, views, and clicks as well as additional features like custom CTA’s, email signatures, and proven templates.

Dynamic workflows

Users can build custom workflows from new leads to transactions that auto-update as tasks complete, minds change, or dates get missed. This helps agents stay on track while clients experience timely follow up and an easier transaction process.

360-degree contact view

This feature compiles contact data with available social profiles to provide a continuously updated contact that shows pictures, locations, jobs, and interests. When personal information is combined with viewed, saved, and interested MLS properties, agents have the support they need to build a quick connection.

MLS integration

Designed specifically for real estate, Top Producer includes integration with hundreds of MLS boards in America. Users can view complete listings within their CRM, then organize them with contacts as Shown, Viewed, Interested In, or Inquired On. If closed, the same listing can be selected to populate the next transaction plan.

(Last updated on 02/02/2022 by Liz Laurente-Ticong)

Quick Facts

  • Industry Specialties
    Real Estate
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  • Works Best For
    Small Sized Businesses





  • Email Two-way Sync
  • Email Templates
  • Social Media Integration
  • Dashboards
  • Pipeline Management
  • Text Messaging
  • Lead Management
  • Contact Management
  • Transaction Management
  • Task Management
  • Email Tracking
  • Workflow Automation
  • Marketing Reporting
  • Automatic Notifications
  • Calendar Integration
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Commission Dashboard


  • Gmail
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Outlook.com
  • Yahoo! Mail
  • AOL Mail
  • HubSpot
  • RealEstatePal
  • RealGeeks
  • AWeber
  • SuccessWebsite
  • ClickDesk
  • PureAgent
  • BombBomb
  • ScreenTag

Pricing Model

  • Annual Subscription


  • English