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About Top Echelon Big Biller

Top Echelon, a company known for top notch recruiting software, was founded in 1988. Even then, it was a recruitment firm’s dream, helping more recruiters make more placements without sacrificing placement quality. Since then, the services have expanded and the company now produces a range of human resources management software centered around talent management. Their three major products serve every aspect of recruitment, from company websites to shared opportunity networks. These can be used separately or in conjunction for reduced time-to-fill on every order.

Top Echelon’s Big Biller product is an exceptionally effective applicant tracking software. Recruiters use it to follow their candidates through the entire process. Advertise for jobs in all the places you normally would, but collect the applications in a single candidate tracking software interface. Use Big Biller to stay in contact with the best talent, even before an opportunity opens. The key, Top Echelon understands, is to allow recruiters to develop strong relationships without sacrificing the ability to quickly navigate through a high volume of CVs. This recruiting software makes that easy. Import contacts, parse resumes and make in-line edits on the go. The features are built around feedback from actual recruiters, so every part serves a purpose.

Debra L. Stitt, CPC of Quality Source, Inc., has been very pleased with the implementation of Big Biller. “…I can access everything I need, including activities, job orders, candidates, even the Membership database, and do it quickly, all in one place. Thanks, Top Echelon, for offering such a cost-effective, performance-driven product.” Big Biller’s interactive properties have proven to save the company time and money, increasing their efficiency and lowering administrative costs. Companies that need recruitment-focused human resources management software deserve to check out Top Echelon’s Big Biller.

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