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About TMWSuite

TMW Systems, founded in 1983 is a leader in developing transportation management systems and fleet management software known as their TMWSuite. The company is based in Ohio, but maintains offices in a number of states including Texas, Oklahoma and Tennessee, and it has an office in Vancouver, as well. Nearly 2,000 clients employ its products as far away as Europe and Asia.

TMW’s transportation management system, TMWSuite, focuses on the every day operational issues that transportation services face. It is designed to increase customer satisfaction and retention by improving the accuracy of orders and their fulfillment. It employs a tracking and alerting system to identify operational exceptions, allows for accurate and detailed reporting in order to improve client decision making and it manages assets including drivers, their trucks and their trailers. This transportation management system also offers profitability reporting and facilitates data-feed integration while also linking to fuel and chemical supplier networks. TMW’s fleet management software incorporates fleet maintenance software, which is useful in improving the productivity of human resources such as fleet mechanics while optimizing inventory, reducing administrative costs and providing metrics for key areas of business performance. Other TMW products include transportation management software, logistics management applications and logistic management solutions. Each of these is designed with the idea of improved customer service in mind.

All Pro Freight Systems, also from Ohio, need TMW’s help when it grew so fast it outgrew its current systems. With the implementation of TMWSuite, they were able to track out-of-route mileage and reduce it by 30 percent. With its reporting and monitoring tools, the entire staff feels they are able to better respond to their customer’s needs.

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