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About Transplace TMS

It’s possible to buy an off-the-rack transportation management system, but most options require costly software updates as the years go by. Transplace’s Transportation Management System (TMS) eradicates these costly updates by hosting its software on the cloud, which automatically delivers new patches and applications. This also makes your logistics management accessible via computer, smartphone and tablet. The benefits of Transplace’s technology don’t end there, though. It eases the completion of several tasks that are typically bothersome for transportation professionals: order management, shipment tracking and optimization and overall performance. The software also works to minimize costs, hasten shipping times and help you use your resources as cost-effectively as possible in order to increase the size of your business without sacrificing its quality. Transplace’s software, including the transportation management system, comes thoroughly researched through collaborations with major universities and organizations, including the Center for Supply Chain Research at the Pennsylvania State University.

Whether they seek to send packaged goods, chemicals, petroleum, manufacturing supplies or retail products, clients can assume that their transportation needs will not only be met, but exceeded by the team at Transplace. Since the company’s inception, the team has worked to improve companies’ logistics technology and management of transportation services.

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