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On-premise time and attendance software for small businesses
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TimeClickProduct Overview

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  2. Pros of TimeClick
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  4. Breakdown of core features

TimeClick product overview

TimeClick is an on-premise time and attendance software for small businesses that simplifies time tracking, time off, and payroll. The solution serves different industries, including banking, engineering, healthcare, and retail.

Suitable for organizations with 100 employees or fewer, TimeClick enables users to clock in and out and track breaks by selecting their name from a customized menu and entering their password. The platform also supports accrued time tracking and management.

After installation, businesses can be up and running with access to over 20 customizable reports, a secure administration area, and the flexibility to track employees’ times. TimeClick is ideal for companies looking for time and attendance software that operates on a Windows operating system.

Pros of TimeClick

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  • It lessens hours previously spent on payroll prep. Users can automate their timesheets and clock in and out in seconds.
  • TimeClick’s reports and basic scheduling hold employees accountable for their time worked.

Cons of TimeClick

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  • The software doesn’t have a cloud-based version.
  • Some users commented that the user interface is complex and difficult to navigate.

Breakdown of core features

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Employee time tracking

TimeClick gives an accurate calculation of employees’ time, so managers are ready for payroll day. It facilitates modifying employee time actions manually within administration mode. Moreover, it lets employees submit a missed action request from their dashboard. Employers can also add mass time entries for holidays or office parties.

Department and job tracking

Businesses can organize teams and project time by assigning employees to departments and job codes. TimeClick reduces administrative tasks by allowing users to delegate restricted responsibility to department heads. It enables users to see exactly how much time it takes to complete a task. Managers can track project time by creating job tracking codes, assigning them to employees, and making sure they clock in and out using that code.


The solution streamlines payroll days with custom hours, payroll, punctuality, and timesheet reports.

Payroll teams can tailor reports with advanced settings and multiple presets and export them in several file types. In addition, users can choose from various report types, including Hours, Accrued Time History, and Payroll Projection. With a colorful visual display, employers can compare where staff members are and provide them the individual support they need.

PTO tracker

TimeClick allows employees to see how much time they have to request off and lets managers approve PTO requests. Users can create and save unlimited custom accrued time categories for hourly, monthly, annual, or pay period types.

The platform shows a glimpse of the employees’ accrued time deductions, so administrators review time requests with a colorful and user-friendly calendar. Employers can also filter hour types and employees to adjust the presented data. Employees can view their own accrued time history reports and balances and submit a time request.

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Quick Facts

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    All Industries
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    Mid Sized Businesses, Small Sized Businesses





  • Employee Time Tracking
  • Job Tracking
  • Timesheet
  • PTO Tracker
  • Time Clock App


  • The software integrates with any payroll solution that imports CSV files.

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