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About TimeClick

TimeClick, by Hawkeye Technology, LLC, was first released in 1993 as an on-premise time and attendance system for small-to-medium businesses. Serving a wide range of industries, including banking, engineering, healthcare, and retail, TimeClick offers a package of features to meet employee management needs. These features include tracking time and attendance, vacation, sick, other paid time off (PTO), overtime management, robust electronic time card auditing tools, and punctuality reporting. 

As a traditional, on-premise software solution, TimeClick requires a larger up-front investment than comparable SaaS systems, but the total cost of ownership is much lower. TimeClick’s pricing is mainly based on the number of computers to which it will be installed. The licenses can be segmented into three general sizes: 1, 5, or 10+ computers.

Employees clock in and out and record breaks by selecting or searching their name from a customized menu and entering their password. Administration Mode within the software provides password-restricted access to the entire program, and is accessible from any computer on the network for those who have the Admin password. Managers with admin access can modify times, run reports, add new employees, back up the database, and more.

Recognizing the need for support, TimeClick offers two support options. All new users are provided with 30 days of free support to assist in the initial implementation of the program. After that, businesses can choose either an annual support and upgrades plan or pay a “per incident” fee. All support requests are handled by a United States-based team, and can be reached via telephone or through TimeClick’s website. For additional assistance, multiple tutorial videos and support blog articles are offered. 

TimeClick is more than just time tracking software; it is a complete, on-premise time and attendance solution that meets the needs of SMBs. We recommend it to any business looking for a Windows-compatible, non-subscription-based product that manages employee time cards and attendance.

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