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About Teradata Aster

Aster, by Teradata, a business intelligence (BI) solutions company offering analytic data platforms, uses data to revolutionize and transform businesses. Their top-of-the-line integrated solutions are able to help companies develop a better understanding of their business, customers, and markets through mining publicly and privately sourced data streams.

Aster offers an end-to-end big data solution that includes warehousing, visualization, and everything in-between. By using Aster, companies have the chance to sift through the over-abundance of data available to them and find the insights, trends, and information that most affect their operations. This information then allows business professionals to make informed decisions that minimize risk and control outcomes as much as possible. The Teradata Aster SQL-GR analytics engine features a native graph processing engine with graph analysis abilities for big data sets. This results in the ability to solve diverse and complex supply chain management, threat detection, social network, and fraud detection problems. Other features include the Aster Discover Platform with SQL and SQL-MapReduce analytic engines.  And with 24/7 customer support, its always easy to have your questions answered.

Companies who have used Aster include Cardinal Health, McCain Foods, the American Red Cross, Barnes and Noble and Verizon Wireless. McCain Foods was able to use big data analytics to organize data from more than 22,000 business reports and 3,000 personal reporting systems into a single location, creating greater efficiency and time savings.

















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