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About TenSoft FSM

Founded in 1996 by Bob Scarborough and William White, Tensoft has grown to become a global presence. Tensoft provides end-to-end business management solutions for the semiconductor, SaaS and technology industries, with a focus on serving the specialized needs of mid market companies.

Tensoft Fabless Semiconductor Management (FSM) is a cloud-based system. Hosted at a SAS70 Type II data center, it can also be utilized onsite. It uses a Manufacturing Bill of Materials (BOM), designed to compliment the industry’s unique needs. Rather than managing multiple parts, as common ERP BOM does, Tensoft’s design manages parts used in developing multiple products. Tensoft’s system for fabless semiconductor management can reinforce and evaluate WIP in real time, track lineages backwards and forwards and provides a comprehensive history of audits in which intricate information is readily stored. View customers in a single merged window, combine outsourced data collected from vendors, and get enhanced channel clarity with Tensoft’s fabless semiconductor management software. The company provides round-the-clock technical support, and training and webinars are also scheduled regularly. A special extended plan is offered to Microsoft Dynamics clients.

Several case studies have been conducted using Tensoft fabless semiconductor management software, with participants including Ramtron International Inc., Amalfi Semiconductor and Syndiant. In the case of Syndiant, a leading fabless manufacturer of light-modulating panels, implementing Tensoft’s FSM solution was found to have significant advantages. The company has grown enormously: from selling only a few units per week, it now sells more than 5,000 units per week. The cloud-based deployment model has allowed Syndiant to eliminate the need for an on-site IT team, lowering their overhead and allowing them to focus on growth opportunities.

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