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Teamwork Projects product overview

Teamwork is a work and project management software that helps in-house teams and agencies improve collaboration, visibility, accountability, and ultimately, results. It is a flexible, fully-featured project management solution that helps you to manage the entire project lifecycle from start to finish. Teamwork offers multiple time-saving, collaboration-enhancing features to make project management quicker and more efficient.

Teamwork Projects eliminates the confusion of email chains by putting the things each team needs to know in one place, not scattered around in multiple in-boxes. Posting or accessing information is easy from a computer or with an iPhone, iPad, or Android. Teamwork Projects provides time-tracking tools, accountability tools, and finely tuned user access controls. The dashboard gives an overview of all projects and allows switching between projects with ease. The activity tracker keeps members up to date on all tasks and task lists, monitors upcoming milestones, informs of new comments or messages, and makes it easy to export information in other formats. The smart tabs feature automatically creates tabs with content unique to a given user. Project visualization is built in with automatic Gantt charts, easy visualization and editing of dependencies, drag-and-drop editing of milestones and task assignments, as well as automatic calculation and graphical display of task list progress.

Pros of Teamwork Projects

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Teamwork includes features that help you structure your projects and milestones: create task lists, tasks, and subtasks to break down the work into action items for your team. You can add due dates, priority, description, supporting documents, or tags to help mark up your tasks with useful information. There’s also a useful “Workload” feature that provides a big picture of your team’s capacity. The collaboration features in this project management software are great — collaborate with clients and/or your internal team with comments on tasks.

Cons of Teamwork Projects

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Additional webinars may be required to implement custom configurations. Users have found the mobile app to be frustrating.

Breakdown of core features

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Get an instant overview of team capacity, make informed resourcing decisions, and easily reassign work between people with Workload. Ensure your projects have enough resources to meet their deadlines, and have the flexibility to shift priorities. Resourcing insights allow you to rely on real and easily accessible data to determine which team members are operating under capacity and available to take on more work. Quickly and easily reassign work and add project resources to balance workload with a simple drag-and-drop function.

Board View

Use boards to see the flow of tasks and activities and get a fuller representation of your project’s scope. No matter what methodology you use — Scrum, Kanban, or your own unique approach — Boards are built to support you, so you can work your way. Get full visibility over the logistics of your project and see your task progress through the process in real time. Spot bottlenecks before they happen and keep an eye on your team’s workload, so you can pre-empt any issues before they become problems.


Repeat your winning formula again and again, and dramatically reduce manual tasks with project templates. Automate repetitive work and maintain consistency across projects by easily spinning up best practice project templates and tailoring them to your needs. Simplify workflows and reduce errors by using pre populated templates, so your team know that every eventuality has been accounted for from previous experience.

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  • Time tracking
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Dashboards
  • View workload capacity
  • Task list templates
  • Project templates
  • Board view automation
  • Gantt charts
  • Custom branding
  • Collaborators
  • Teams
  • Project portfolio view
  • Change history timeline
  • Reporting
  • Project time budget
  • Custom fields
  • Integrations


  • Teamwork Desk
  • Teamwork CRM
  • Teamwork Spaces
  • Teamwork Chat
  • Gmail
  • Zapier
  • ChurnZero
  • Float
  • HubSpot

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  • FreeForever
  • Pro
  • Premium
  • Enterprise