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About teambay

teambay is an online software platform for monitoring workplace morale. Founded in Berlin, Germany, in 2015, teambay is led by veteran startup entrepreneur and Syrian democracy activist Ahmad Moalla, and Sarah-Kristin Bohlmeier, an HR and personal development manager with a degree in organizational behavior from the London School of Economics (LSE). 

Companies use teambay to gather, analyze, and benchmark the opinions of all the individuals within their organization, department, or team. The intuitive web-based system enables anonymous employee feedback, encouraging your team to share openly and honestly with management. Managers can use this feedback to create morale benchmarks, pinpoint challenges and strengths, and help build a great company culture. Combining social science with friendly, secure technology and Big Data analysis, teambay helps generate reliable data you can use to help improve your workplace culture, based on real-time feedback from your team. 

Perhaps one of teambay’s most innovative features, the benchmarking capabilities allow you to compare your business and employee morale versus organizations of similar size, industry, and/or structure; this provides the executive team with unique insight into their organizational health as compared with their closest rivals

Companies of any size or industry can and have used teambay, but it’s especially suited to a modern, distributed workforce who already utilizes some form of cloud-based productivity or engagement tool.

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