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About Tangoe

Tangoe is a company that provides mobile device management services to enterprises and carriers. Tangoe’s MDM platform helps companies optimize their mobile infrastructure and reduce IT costs by virtually managing mobile device use company-wide. This mobile device management solution appeals to businesses seeking enhanced security and rapid deployment of mobility.

Tangoe’s mobile device management solution differs from other platforms because it allows IT administrators to block or quarantine information on a mobile device based on the device, user or policy. Tangoe’s MDM serves as a comprehensive mobility management solution that includes device configuration, provisioning, security, management, monitoring and support for both company-issued and employee-owned devices. As an option, Tangoe’s MDM can be integrated with the company’s wireless TEM which results in improved mobile experience and enhanced policy compliance. The platform’s emergency features include remote device location and lock and wipe, which can prevent data loss or theft. Tangoe’s MDM user platform is web-based and user-friendly, ensuring seamless adoption within an organization.

One major enterprise was looking to reduce IT expenses and downtime while improving productivity and enhancing network-wide security, so they turned to Tangoe. The enterprise had noticed that as more of their employees’ integrated smartphones and tablets into their workflow, the company faced increased risks of security breaches and uneven productivity. Implementing Tangoe’s mobile device management platform helped safeguard sensitive company information while maintaining consistent levels of productivity.

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