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About Talent Bullseye Hiring System

The Talent Bullseye system provides both a basic applicant tracking system and a behavioral assessment to identify candidates who will match up best with open positions. Many applicant tracking systems have so many features that users don’t need or can’t learn to use. The Talent Bullseye system provides all the features that organizations need but doesn’t overwhelm the user with extra, unnecessary features. The Talent Bullseye applicant tracking system reduces the amount of time spent in the hiring process by automating the key activities.

The Talent Bullseye behavioral assessment combines behavioral science, ease of use, and configurability to create a behavioral assessment that can be used in any situation. Using the Big 5 of personality as a base, the Talent Bullseye assessment measures 25 behavioral traits plus critical thinking and reasoning. By making the assessment configurable, the Talent Bullseye assessment ensures that people in a management position don’t get the same questionnaire as an individual in a housekeeping position. The client can elect to use the complete questionnaire or ask only about the traits that are critical to that position. In addition, the system allows the client to build customizable Job Match Patterns that the system uses to determine fit with the position. Three reports are available to assist users make their decisions.

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