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SynergitaProduct Overview

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Synergita product overview

Synergita provides performance management, employee engagement, and OKR solutions to thriving organizations to achieve high performance-driven growth. It seamlessly interlinks employee engagement, employee development, rewards and recognition, continuous check-ins, and micro and macro performance review.

Synergita delivers a performance management solution with actionable insightful reports. It is an AI-powered solution to conserve and nurture positive feedback culture across the organization. The software allows organizations to weave engagement, development, and performance management at the employee and team levels to build a strong work culture and employee experience. It also offers HiPo Rating to identify, nurture, and retain high-potential employees. Its deep functionality, such as matrix goals management, 360-degree appraisal feedback, and Smart promotion management, delivers complete automation of digital performance transformation.

The solution is industry agnostic and is configurable to adapt to the customers’ unique performance and engagement culture and strategies. Numerous users from more than 100 companies across the globe, including IT/ITES, manufacturing, pharma, financial services/FinTech, retail, and non-profit sectors, use Synergita for employee performance management and engagement. Syngergita is a lightweight, result-focused OKR solution that enables organizations to launch OKR instantly to specific functional teams or across organizations.

Pros of Synergita

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  • Synergita requires no training for employees and only a single orientation session for HRs to understand administration aspects.
  • The software simplifies defining the performance workflow for HRs with its drag-and-drop workflow engine. It also supports multiple workflow creation for different teams and locations.

Cons of Synergita

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  • According to users, the turn-around time in resolving service requests could be faster.

Breakdown of core features

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Employee performance

Businesses can define SMART goals and KPIs for their employees to foster an aligned, goals-driven high-performance work culture focused on individual and business growth with Synergita. Its goals management system maps goals to cross-functional managers supporting the agile matrix organizational hierarchy.

The solution has a Continuous Check-ins feature, a Coach-to-Reach approach that promotes continuous conversations between managers and employees on their goals. This helps employees be on top of their goals, discussing progress and planning actions to reach the target within the defined time frame.

AI-powered sentiment analysis

Seeing the sentiments of feedback from employees and managers in real-time creates an enriching culture. The software supports delivering feedback in a positive way for employee engagement, growth, and retention. It simplifies understanding the tone of feedback for managers and employees, allowing them to express the right sentiment.

360-degree feedback

Synergita lets users gather feedback from themselves, peers, teams, partners, and customers. It empowers organizations to get collective unbiased feedback and reviews on employee performance and competencies. For employees, it heightens self-awareness and identifies the blind spots and opportunities for development.

Employee development plans

HR teams can recommend skill development or programs and track successful completion to upskill people and make them future-ready. Users can define personalized development plans to reach the next level in their career with this software.

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  • Goals and competencies management
  • Monthly/quarterly/half-yearly/annual performance appraisal
  • 360-degree feedback
  • Rewards and Recognition
  • Continuous performance and development feedback
  • Development training recommendations
  • Monitoring training progress
  • Culture score
  • Objectives and Key Results (OKR)


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