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About SyncHR

SyncHR has paved the way for innovation in the Human Capital Management (HCM) market. Built to solve age-old problems in HR, payroll and benefit management, our founders leveraged their decades of experience in HRIS and listened to the challenges of mid-market companies, HR Pros and finance to re-imagine the next generation of HCM technology.

SyncHR was architected from the ground-up, inventing a data model that supports real life, in real-time and manages the most agile workforces – without processing a single manual transaction, eliminating the need for time-consuming HR administration.

SyncHR understands what is happening in your company, on any day or given period of time and can instantly connect and visualize all of the relationships between HR, payroll and benefits, employees and their positions on any given date with complete accuracy.

SyncHR understands what positions make up your company, how they impact your finances and who sits in each role, on any given day.

SyncHR is also a fully transparent system that allows you to transact on the information in the system, including payroll, on any given date in time: past, present and future. SyncHR allows companies to autocorrect changes that should have happened in the past, accept real-time changes to HR records from the workforce, and plan for future budgeted positions.

Mid-market companies can now:

  • get precise budgeted vs actual headcount reporting
  • automate retro benefits and pay transactions (NO MORE manual calculations)
  • automate mid-period hires and mid-period pay increases
  • get daily, fully-weighted labor cost calcs to compare to sales and proforma expectations

Not sure if SyncHR is the right software for your company’s needs? Check out our product selection tool or contact one of our unbiased Tech Advisors. The service is absolutely free and only takes a few minutes.  

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