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About SyncFirst

SyncFirst and its supporting systems are developed by Data Synergy Corporation. SyncFirst is a data-mining application that produces structured tables from unstructured data sources, enabling easy access to otherwise inaccessible data throughout the enterprise. We also provide extensive consulting services to organizations with unique requirements. SyncFirst works with data from text files, PDF files, print spool files and ASCII data to produce structured tables for analysis, conversion to popular file formats and output to databases. SyncFirst’s project system allows you to view reports, choose the information that’s relevant and present it in a format that matches your specific requirements. Information from invoices, client records, monthly reports, payroll records and more can be extracted and output in minutes.  In the simplest terms, SyncFirst allows you to use unstructured input data and output it as structured data.

SyncFirst is based on a powerful and flexible project system. Projects contain detailed information about a source file and its fields and group levels. They can be repeatedly reused to extract data from standard reports. SyncFirst includes functionality that allows you to automatically export data from your standard forms and reports, without programming or the need to reopen the report or project. If you expect that you will want to extract data from a similar file in the future (perhaps a monthly or other recurring report), you just check a box and specify a name that you will use when performing that function in the future.

You can use your reports to generate sophisticated and informative charts. Various types of data are often more well-suited for certain chart types, so SyncFirst includes full support for several standard chart types. Since all charts are created from existing data, they can quickly be generated with only a few mouse clicks. All charts are automatically copied to the Windows clipboard so that they can easily be used in other applications. Charts and graphs can also be printed or exported to PDF files.

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