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About SutiWEM-S

SutiWEM-S is a web-based Wireless Expense Management solution that improves analysis of an organization’s wireless usage patterns and spending and identifies areas where savings may be realized. The portal provides access to the sophisticated capabilities of wireless billing optimization. This optimization significantly reduces cost and makes intelligent recommendations based on the company’s actual usage. The solution presents savings recommendations in an easy to understand format while highlighting the root causes of over and under usage.

SutiWEM-S offers complete control and reviews the monthly usage and billing details of your mobile connected workforce to ensure that the features associated with their plans are approved and not contributing to the over-spending of mobile services. The well established WEM portal supports a wide variety of wireless programs (Corporate Liable, Bring Your Own Device, or Corporate Owned, Personally Enabled) while providing high visibility into all users, the devices they hold, the expenses those devices incur, and also helps ensure device security.

SutiWEM-S automates the wireless optimization process. Organizations simply select carrier(s) and rate plans, upload usage data and let the solution process the data through the solution’s complex algorithm to analyze and make the best recommendations for improvement. Wireless expense management and rate plan optimization will prevent excess data plan features from being added to company rate plans and increasing costs. Organizations can maintain full visibility into wireless usage and generate reports that identify unknown users, optimization recommendations, and occurrence of zero-usage devices.

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