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About SutiAP

SutiAP is a  cloud-based accounts payable software that enables businesses to manage global supplier payment operations effectively. The solution works for companies of all sizes and industries. SutiAP automates and optimizes processes to help businesses run more efficiently.

SutiAP offers features to encompass various financial management levels-invoice capture, approval, and payment. Some of its key features include multi-channel capture, automated PO matching, duplicate verification, invoice validation, PO/Non-PO invoice approval, multi-level payment approval, automated payment routing, payment reconciliation, tax compliance, accounting system integration, and advanced reporting and analytics. SutiAP features also include cost centers, GL codes, and multi-language support to assist users in sorting out invoices and expediting payment processes.SutiAP gives complete access to company’s financial data and users can track invoices and payments by days, weeks, or months through a centralized repository.The application also offers optical character recognition (OCR) technology to scan invoices and ensure data accuracy.

SutiAP automates the capture process by providing multiple channels for capturing invoices including fax, email, and electronic data feeds which eliminates the need to manually enter invoices, allocate line items to the appropriate cost center. Flexible approval options allow invoice approvers to approve quickly with all required information at their fingertips. Email notifications keep approvers informed on what tasks are pending. The solution includes a comprehensive suite of advanced reports and analytics allowing users to analyze data in a variety of ways. Additional reports can be added with the custom report builder.

A flexible matching engine allows users to match invoice, purchase order and receipt data. The matching engine can be configured with 2, 3, or N-way matching options. There are also options for invoice resolution for quick approval processes. SutiAP supports direct payments to suppliers through ACH and allows users to keep track of payment status and history through the payment dashboard and reporting. Suppliers can keep track of payments through the Supplier Portal.

SutiAP is built on open-platform architecture so it can easily integrate with various third-party applications. SutiAP integrates with virtually all accounting systems allowing the data to flow to and from the solution eliminating the need to enter data manually.

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