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survey analytics reviewssurvey analytics reviewssurvey analytics reviewssurvey analytics reviews


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About Survey Analytics

Survey Analytics, founded in Seattle, Washington in 2002, is a leading provider of innovative technologies and multi-platform market research software. Offering enterprise-level solutions in over 30 countries, Survey Analytics collects and analyzes professional data through online, mobile, and custom panel or community channels.

Survey Analytics offers a unique gamification module that gives organizations the means to interact with customers and gather valuable feedback without being intrusive or bothersome. Working with Survey Analytics’ clients to provide tailored, industry-specific criteria, this application builds a large database of customer insights from scratch for the business to use in order to familiarize itself with what the market currently wants and needs. The gamified surveys can be distributed across a broad set of player/users and are actually launched within the game experience itself, encouraging the players to take the survey immediately upon logging in to the game. Using conjoint analysis, the organization can understand the full breadth of client perspectives, even though users are only asked to complete a small number of questions. Once completed, these survey results can be exported to a PowerPoint, infographic, or another form of visualization , so businesses can share the results.

Zynga is the world’s largest social game developer and has over 290 million active users playing their games, which includes the popular Facebook game Farmville. After searching for the right company, Zynga selected Survey Analytics as its data analysis gamification choice. Its research department worked with Survey Analytics to build a survey that would fit Zynga’s unique requirements, and that would encourage customers to complete the survey. After releasing the survey to its customers, Zynga received thousands of responses, allowing the business to pursue future improvements and modifications to its social games.

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