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About SuperOffice CRM

SuperOffice is a global company headquartered in Oslo, Norway. Founded in 1990, SuperOffice has released a suite of CRM, marketing and analytics programs to help businesses amplify their growth.

One of the reasons SuperOffice CRM is used by thousands of brands is because of its features. Team collaboration is easy with a shared calendar and contact database. Your staff can save time with templates and workflow automation. SuperOffice has two different versions of its CRM platform, one for Sales and Marketing and another for Customer Service, each with screens optimized to service the respective departments. Sales teams can keep track of the company’s performance with analytics, reports and sales forecasting.  Customer help desks can manage tickets within the system, add to and reference a company knowledge base and FAQ, and escalate a customer’s issue with alerts. There are two ways you can implement the SuperOffice system: companies can instill the software onto their servers, or utilize the cloud-based version and access data through the web interface, SuperOffice CRM Online. Most customers tout the user friendliness of the software, and SuperOffice offers regular training online and campaign consulting services. The CRM solution is also customizable with a number of add-ons available from SuperOffice.

Over 11,000 companies use the SuperOffice platform. One of these companies is Europe’s largest railway company, The Deutsche Bahn. SuperOffice CRM is used in several departments: the central office, marketing, IT, and the customer management department. After implementing SuperOffice CRM, the company found that having data in a central location allowed for employees to be more knowledgeable when interacting with their customers and improved their customer service.

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