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About SuperEMR

SuperEMR is an electronic medical records (EMR) solution that is designed for smaller and solo practices.  The platform offers doctors features that include patient record management, document storage, charting/notes templates, customization support, and mobile compatibility.  SuperEMR is a web-based platform offered through a web portal, allowing any device with an internet connection to access the system.  Interfaces are simple, and easy to understand, following the natural flow of appointments.  The interfaces are flexible as well, offering customized options for practices who want to tailor the interfaces even closer to their practice’s workflow.  And by customizing the interface workflows, doctors are able to spend less time inputting data and sorting through fields, and more time engaging with patients.

All patient information is stored within the system, allowing doctors and users to quickly, and easily access relevant information as needed.  The patient dashboard gives users an overview of each patient, and includes up-to-date information relevant to any current appointments or procedures.  Practitioners are able to write prescriptions from within the system, and these e-prescriptions can be sent to the patient’s pharmacy of choice.  Custom and templeted patient care reports can be generated, with the capability of letting SuperEMR recommend care solutions based a patient’s specifics.  And with the system’s built in billing features, patient invoices can be generated and insurance claims can be electronically submitted.  SuperEMR provides a robust feature set for smaller practices who are looking for a complete EMR and practice management solution, and they even offer tailored solutions for several different practice specialties.

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