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About SumAll

Founded in 2011, SumAll is a provider of free web analytics software. The company’s employees have contributed ten percent of their holdings to a charitable trust designed to enrich lives with data. SumAll’s business analytics software is deployed in 35 countries, and tracks $4 billion in ecommerce data. In July 2013 SumAll acquired German social monitoring firm TwentyFeet to further its reach in the European market. SumAll CEO Dan Atkinson is the former CEO of the well-known hosting service, Squarespace.

SumAll’s web analytics tools draw data from multiple sources to create meaningful reports. Site visits, pageviews, and events are all important but SumAll connects data from credit card transaction analytics provider, Google Analytics and Twitter Analytics, across multiple devices, and visually sums it all up. Imagine taking sales data from five different web analytics services and collapsing them into a single sales line on a chart. Or, instead of condensing, graph and compare results from five different analytics providers all in one graph. That’s what SumAll’s data connections provide. Instead of reinventing the wheel, SumAll sums up the data best provided by others. If your staff is large enough, you may be able to justify the time spent learning the seemingly endless tabs, views, and reports SumAll’s competitors provide, but if you’re running a small business you will likely want your data simplified. SumAll can do that for you. Daily, weekly, and monthly views are available at a click. Of course, all that analysis doesn’t do you much good if you can’t get at it when you need it, so SumAll makes it easy. Check your email inbox or launch their mobile app to keep the latest insights at your fingertips.

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