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StriveCloud Plug-in Gamification ToolProduct Overview

  1. About StriveCloud Plug-in Gamification Tool
  2. Pros of StriveCloud Plug-in Gamification Tool
  3. Cons of StriveCloud Plug-in Gamification Tool
  4. Breakdown of core features

StriveCloud Plug-in Gamification Tool product overview

StriveCloud’s Plug-in Gamification Tool helps provide a memorable digital experience, reduce churn, and boost customer loyalty within any web or mobile app. It is a platform that enables companies to retain customers by adding a layer of gamification to their products.

The solution takes user data and adds milestones, challenges, rewards, leaderboards, and other gamification elements. This helps overcome low user engagement and creates a frictionless user experience that activates user behavior.

Product managers can use the plug-in gamification technology to create highly engaging web and mobile apps that get users hooked.

Pros of StriveCloud Plug-in Gamification Tool

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  • App gamification: StriveCloud’s Plug-in and Control Panel can take gamification from a concept to a fully-integrated user journey using an easy-to-use API. Integrate your web or mobile app and easily create Badges, Challenges, Leaderboards, Lottery Systems, and Point Collections to change user behavior and incentivize the actions that are most important to you.
  • Responsible data use: StriveCloud’s creators are experts in behavior motivation. They know how to use your data in a responsible way to help change your customer’s behavior. Choose what metrics help drive the user journey forward.
  • Scalable technology: The gamification technology works on a large audience. The solution is also easy to maintain and continuously updated with new features. Create a strategic plan and implement a scalable gamification program that will serve your business goals and boost results.

Cons of StriveCloud Plug-in Gamification Tool

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  • Data-dependent: StriveCloud can gamify any kind of data point and send enriched data back to your data tools. The tool becomes more effective as more user data becomes available, but also loses a portion of its potential if not much data is available.

Breakdown of core features

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Data-linked experience

The Plug-in Gamification Tool lets you hook your users and keep them coming back for more. Link your website, web apps, and mobile apps to track data across channels and create a positive customer experience. Increase engagement using milestones, rewards, and behavior-triggered notifications.

Competitive elements

StriveCloud enables you to increase engagement and retention using the power of competition. Increase the likelihood users will complete the actions most important to you using the competitive elements of gamification. Create personalized challenges and competitive leaderboards to activate and retain your audience.

Rewards system

Reward engagement and participation using StriveCloud to keep users hooked. Track the data that’s most important to you, analyze user progress, and reward the behaviors that are relevant to the success of your app. Create virtual badges and points collections that reward users’ actions. Rewards system will help build a sense of community within your product.

Personalization and automation

Create personalized quests to drive engagement. StriveCloud lets you create unique user experiences depending on each individual’s behavior. Target users based on the behaviors that are most important to you. Send automatic in-app messages, notifications, and personalized emails at the right moment of interaction with your product.

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Quick Facts

  • Industry Specialties
    Banking / Accounting / Financial, Computer and Technology, eCommerce, Enterprise, Hospitality / Entertainment / Travel, Government / Public Administration, Healthcare, Marketing / Public Relations, Software / Web Development, Telecommunications, Transportation / Shipping
  • Pricing
  • Works Best For
    Any Sized Businesses




  • Composer pages
  • Advanced page builder
  • Section sliders
  • Text & image blocks
  • Gamification blocks
  • Polls
  • Bets
  • RSS embed
  • Currency distribution
  • Currency exchange
  • Payment integration
  • Products
  • QR code
  • External shop integration
  • Milestones
  • Rewards
  • Timed challenges
  • Internal/external stats & events
  • Leveling system
  • Messaging and personalization
  • Analytics and data export


  • Wunder Mobility

Pricing Model

  • Plug-in (base monthly fee + price per monthly active user)


  • English