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About Alteryx

Alteryx is a business intelligence (BI) and data analytics platform provider that aids line-of-business analysts in blending, analyzing, and sharing data more easily – and faster – with the ultimate goal of making more tactical business decisions. They serve a variety of industries, including retail, real estate, hospitality, communications, data and analytic services, financial services, marketing, healthcare, and restaurants.

Business owners of these various industries are able to make more calculated decisions about the growth and strategy of their company using Alteryx Strategic Analytics. The product allows business owners to blend complex data, build analytics much more easily, and create simpler insights that can be used by business decision makers. Alteryx focuses on the importance of humanizing big data, which means making it more accessible for business and data analysts, as well as making it easier to combine big data with other available data. Alteryx Strategic Analytics is the fastest platform for analytics that is intended to help data analysts increase productivity and make sound decisions.

The Colorado Hospital Association made use of Alteryx Strategic Analytics to better determine how federal and state proposals for new legislation and policies would impact its members. The CHA used Alteryx Strategic Analytics to blend both financial and clinical data from a wide range of sources. They also were able to use the software for predictive analytics, allowing them to fully understand the impact of these potential changes.

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