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STORIS, founded in 1989,  is a leading developer and provider of retail software solutions designed specifically for the home furnishings, bedding, and electronics/appliances industries. The STORIS framework includes Point-of-Sale, Customer Service, Inventory Control, Merchandising, Accounting, Finance, Business Intelligence, Mobile, and ecommerce. STORIS ERP software helps automate thousands of showrooms around the world. STORIS ERP was formerly known as Vision9.

Businesses can tailor the interface to match their responsibilities, workflow, and preferences, selecting the functionality that best meets their needs. The system is designed to scale with your company  — it’s suitable for a small-town furniture store or large, multi-national retail chain. It can handle all of your retail and distribution processes from end-to-end  — from procurement through delivery. In addition to modules for each business area  — CRM, Logistics/Distribution, POS, Mobile POS, etc.  — STORIS also offers a robust reporting interface with a variety of pre-built and custom reporting options. 

Two features of particular note are the eBridge and eSTORIS functions. STORIS eBridge is an application program interface (API) that allows you to easily integrate STORIS with your existing ecommerce site(s), while eSTORIS is an ecommerce solution that allows you to build a STORIS-powered ecommerce presence, eliminating the need for an additional application or vendor. 

We recommend STORIS to any retailer of home furnishings, bedding, or electronics/appliances, but especially those vendors looking for a comprehensive ERP with an integrated ecommerce solution.

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