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About StoragePipe

StoragePipe is a Canadian based provider of corporate data protection solutions and cloud storage. It serves small to large businesses and uses off-site data storage to improve electronic archiving, data protection, and data recovery while reducing risk and liability. StoragePipe aims to reduce and eliminate data loss and help businesses with limited IT resources pursuing cloud storage solutions.

StoragePipe protects business data by providing online backup and recovery services from remote data centers. Data is encrypted before it is backed up and archived offsite. StoragePipe manages archived data for a defined lifetime and eliminates the risk of media corruption, loss from hardware malfunction, and physical storage issues. Additionally, StoragePipe only backs up new or changed data to prevent duplication. With Open File Backup, files in use can be backed up without disrupting work. StoragePipe uses continuous data protection to store corporate data on file servers while using the Metal Restore feature to restore operating systems and applications. Metal Restore restores Windows, Sun, Linux, and AIX machines. In the event of a disaster, StoragePipe offers the Disaster Recovery Manager, which creates a recovery plan and tracks offsite data.

One of StoragePipe’s customers is an integrated wealth management company involved in financial services. The company’s Director of Information Technology gained valuable long term benefits from StoragePipe, including a comprehensive disaster recovery plan that meets industry compliance requirements. The company credits StoragePipe for eliminating its backup issues and failed drives, and for reducing the company’s IT demands.

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