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About STAYview

STAYview™ is the industry’s first High Impact Stay Interview System™ – a complete employee engagement software solution built to implement and manage an effective Stay Interview program. This innovative, cloud-based tool helps organizations increase engagement and guarantees a 20% reduction in turnover within the first year!

Using the  employee engagement method of Stay Interviews, STAYview™ provides managers easy to use, strategic software that identifies at-risk employees and provides actionable data with recommended actions. No more one size fits all solutions, STAYview™ helps managers focus on how to retain and better engage each individual employee, taking peer-to-peer retention to a new level. With STAYview™, now you can improve engagement, reduce turnover and guarantee the results!

Key Benefits of STAYview™

  • Guaranteed Retention Results – Implement STAYview™ and HRsoft will guarantee to reduce your company turnover rate by  20% or more in the first year.
  • Raise Employee Survey Scores – Move from one-size-fits-all programs to managers increasing each employee’s engagement one-to-one.
  • Fast Time To Value – STAYview™ is a cloud-based solution, hosted by HRsoft, allowing for fast implementation that can generate measurable results in literally the first weeks of use!
  • Consistent, Effective & Scalable Stay Interviews – Unlike internal “Do-It-Yourself” programs, STAYview™ ensures that any and all managers can perform high quality Stay Interviews that lead to significantly improved outcomes.
  • Reduced Turnover Costs – With turnover costs up to 200% of the employee’s salary, STAYview™ provides a tremendous ROI for any sized organization.
  • Retention of High Potential Employees – With turnover costs up to 200% of the employee’s salary, STAYview™ provides a tremendous ROI for any sized organization.
  • Actionable Data – Unlike surveys, STAYview™ provides leaders valuable data that can be used to improve engagement, retention and overall business results.
  • Improved Employee Engagement & Trust– Better communication between a leader and his/her team members retention and engagement competency.
  • Line Manager & Employee Accountability – STAYview™ provides proactive tools for managers and employees to take action upon takeaways from the Stay Interview and track the results.
  • Better Workforce Planning – STAYview™ reduces the chances of unexpected turnover allowing HR to better forecast and prepare for workforce changes.


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