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STARS is a project management tool developed by Stellar Velocity, LLC. Operating out of Texas, their software suite functions as a digital Kanban board with a drag-and-drop interface.

Disenchanted by Waterfall methodology, the founder of Stellar Velocity began his journey into Agile methodology in 2008. Kanban systems are typically found in project management organizations where Agile principles prevail. Although Kanban was originally conceived in a manufacturing context, these systems have been applied to a number of other disciplines including software development, architecture, construction, and even life management– just to name a few.

While the primary interface for STARS is a Kanban board, the software also features a list view which is tablet friendly and caters to a more traditional Scrum audience. Although STARS is light-weight and simple, it is feature-rich. Every subscription account allows for unlimited boards, tasks, and sub-projects. Also using a drag-and-drop interface, each board can be configured with custom colors and labels. Permission based roles, visual avatars, and a robust notification system promotes a rich collaboration experience.

Each card on a Kanban board is known as a story or task. Every task features participants, history, notes, dead-lines, tags, and priority. Although the top card on a Kanban board is generally regarded as the next work item, the stars widget provides an at-a- glance means for each card to convey its sense of urgency.

STARS also provides a number of tools for project managers to evaluate their work. The Timeline Viewer presents a Gantt-style report which helps identify work that is either on-track or overdue. The Workload Analyzer can help surface problems with assignment balance and performance issues. Finally, there is a comprehensive search system which can be used to scour the entire system and export the results in a spreadsheet friendly format.

We recommend STARS to any company looking for a Kanban-based project management solution, but especially those organizations who may have holdouts who’d prefer a Gantt or waterfall-style view. 

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