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About Spinbackup

Spinbackup is a cloud-to-cloud backup and cloud cybersecurity solutions provider for G Suite. Spinbackup protects G Suite organizations against data leak and loss disasters in the cloud by letting G Suite administrators back up their sensitive data, identify security risks, and fix them before they become a huge disaster in one dashboard.

Organizations can gain more control and visibility over data security by adding a layer of protection beyond what the typical cloud service provider can offer. Spinbackup’s primary focus is insider threats that come mostly from companies, employees, or 3rd-party apps. The platform is available in separate plans for businesses and individual users. Each version includes two-step verification, login disabling, Google API OAuth 2.0, and top-level encryption methods for storing data in transit and at rest. 

One of the main advantages of Spinbackup is that you get backup and cybersecurity in one system. Machine learning algorithms help protect corporate data against more sophisticated security threats and save time for G Suite administrators who might otherwise have to analyze every single app. You can use the restore-in-time machine/version control to restore lost data and even an entire G Suite account for a specific time in a few clicks. The built-in Smart Security Scanner identifies insider threats coming from third-party apps and abnormal activity of employees. Meanwhile, automated risk analysis and blacklisting for third-party apps lets you automatically remove access to applications that are not allowed in the company or look suspicious. 

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