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About Solvoyo Planning

Solvoyo’s Elevation Platform aligns supply chain assets with anticipated market trends, taking supply chain agility planning beyond strategic network design. Much more than manufacturing software, this solution leverages the crucial processes of establishing, reflecting and elevating. Moving from a network design to supply chain agility planning establishes a global distribution and manufacturing system. Customers now have information supported by Solvoyo’s centralized platform for operational and tactical planning. Solvoyo customers can now adjust scenarios to realign assets and work flows with intuitive information presented in simplified results. When supply chain agility is achieved, the possibilities for elevating the supply chain are increased.

A101 is a discount retailer providing food and consumables throughout Turkey. Over the past few years, they have experienced a 60 percent growth rate annually, with sales in the billions. Along with the increased growth, they were experiencing increasing stock outs and high levels of the wrong inventory. Their goal was to reduce stock outs and optimize their inventory mix. With over 2,700 stores and 21 regional distribution centers, this was a challenging undertaking. Solvoyo now automatically creates short-term forecasts from POS data and determines the best inventory investment, taking shelf space into consideration. Replenishment recommendations are transmitted to a store manager’s handheld device. A101 has reduced inventory fulfillment days by two and reduced stock outs from 10 percent to 3 percent. A101 is just one of many Solvoyo customers reaping the benefits of Solvoyo’s supply chain agility planning.

Solvoyo was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Massachusetts. They provide cloud-based supply chain agility planning platforms.

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