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An on-premise and hosted remote monitoring and management platform
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SolarWinds N-centralProduct Overview

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  2. Pros of SolarWinds N-central
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  4. Breakdown of core features

SolarWinds N-central product overview

SolarWinds N-central, or N‑able N‑central, is a remote monitoring and management platform designed to help MSP businesses handle complex networks. The solution has extensive automation and in-depth configurability options and security features like antivirus, patch management, and integrated backup. It was built to help MSPs efficiently manage intricate networks from one platform.

SolarWinds N-central gives IT teams the power to manage, automate, and protect at scale. The software delivers comprehensive, scalable IT service management solutions to empower MSPs of every size and scale worldwide to create efficient and profitable businesses that drive a measurable competitive advantage.

The solution is used by MSPs and IT professionals to monitor and manage devices and complex networks remotely. N-central can help admins monitor everything on a customer network, including servers and workstations, and troubleshoot. IT teams can stay on top of threats with features like MFA, integrated endpoint detection and response, data backup, disk encryption, email protection, and password management.

Pros of SolarWinds N-central

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  • The software lets administrators monitor anything. IT teams can centralize and streamline notifications and ticketing for specific systems or services without the need for separate point solutions.
  • N-central delivers, manages, and monitors layered security solutions all from a single console. Network admins can deploy seamlessly across clients without limiting scalability.

Cons of SolarWinds N-central

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  • According to some users, the solution comes with a steep learning curve.
  • Some users also expressed that the software has limited reporting capabilities.

Breakdown of core features

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SolarWinds N-central has features for monitoring networks, managing and maintaining assets, and providing remote support.

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) monitoring

SolarWinds N-central lets IT teams optimize network performance with its SNMP monitoring tools. This functionality also allows admins to proactively monitor network devices and performance. Network administrators can monitor network devices and nodes, from servers and printers to routers and switches. N-central enables users to keep track of workstations and servers across platforms and operating systems, including multiple versions of Linux, Windows, and macOS X.

The solution troubleshoots and runs maintenance in the background for any performance issues it detects — without interfering with customers’ productivity while administrators work to keep networks operating at optimal efficiency. IT teams can troubleshoot across the delivery chain to help ensure consistent and reliable services.

The NetPath feature allows admins to troubleshoot hot spots by collecting node and hop information with advanced probing. NetPath helps technicians identify exactly where, when, and why a node may be impacted. Network admins can also track hops and view latency historically or in real time, which enables an incremental timeline of path history that allows for faster troubleshooting.

Remote management system

N-central lets network admins gain visibility into workstations and servers. It allows admins to monitor devices across customers’ networks, regardless of the platform. Compatible with various versions of Linux, macOS, and Windows, the solution helps admins to keep tabs on customers’ workstations, servers, and devices.

N-central enables IT teams to remotely monitor and manage customers’ networked devices: servers and switches, smartphones and tablets, and virtual sessions and machines. The system sends out notifications about device status and performance when metrics exceed critical thresholds, and performance checks allow admins to check the health of software and hardware across multiple worksites — all from the same dashboard.

IT asset management tracking

IT administrators can streamline ticketing workflows by integrating critical asset information with a help desk system. The software has an IT asset tracking system that allows techs to keep track of assets and the tickets attached to them as they move through the system and get resolved. IT teams can maintain accurate records of customer asset histories and configuration changes to improve service.

The software provides a single dashboard to simplify IT asset management and documentation. N-central’s IT asset tracking system with integrated asset management tools can help keep technicians organized and productive.

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  • Remote monitoring
  • Network device monitoring
  • Multiple server monitoring
  • Multi-device monitoring
  • Automated alerts and notifications
  • Patch management
  • Endpoint detection and response
  • Network topology mapping
  • Mobile device management
  • Remote access
  • Automation manager


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