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About SoInteractive

SoInteractive is an organization that works with companies to improve customer experiences and encourage continued business. The company creates unique user experiences that promote customer satisfaction and long term loyalty. With its engagement platform, SoInteractive enables businesses to instantly provide rewards to customers when they use the company’s service.

SoInteractive uses an engagement platform to promote and measure customer loyalty. This platform allows companies to determine customer interests, create a company brand using social media, increase customer interest and participation with company products, and reward customers for their business. SoInteractive uses technology including Play Framework, Hadoop, MongoDB, and Akka in its services to encourage customers to participate in engagement activities and release company messages and calls to action to customers. By using SoInteractive, businesses can provide their customers with mobile extensions for on-the-go usage, location services for improved spatial awareness, and social plugins that target the interests of each specific user to create a customized and enjoyable experience.

The airline JetBlue used SoInteractive to create a badge system for its customers. Named TrueBlue Badges, the service allows JetBlue customers to gain badges for flying with the airline, contacting its partners, and promoting the airline on Twitter and Facebook. JetBlue customers receive customized maps that display their badges and can compete with other customers to win the most awards. TrueBlue Badges are also redeemable for travel points in certain circumstances, which JetBlue hopes will encourage continued customer loyalty.

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