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SogolyticsProduct Overview

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Sogolytics product overview

Sogolytics, formerly SoGoSurvey, is an enterprise online survey platform that provides a seamless approach to feedback collection and data management. It facilitates the designing, distribution, and research instrument analysis in a single secure location. Each type of project in Sogolytics, such as surveys, forms, polls, quizzes, and assessments, includes advanced feature sets to enhance the participant experience. The platform brings logic, multimedia options, and engaging question types. It also offers data pre-population, instant alerts, and automatic scoring to improve data quality.

Sogolytics enables organizations to measure the broader experience of a target audience over time through benchmarking reports and customizable dashboards. It focuses on customer experience and delivers standard and custom metrics and key driver analysis. Sogolytics’s reports and dashboard options support the monitoring of feedback by critical tags and against target goals. Users can also concentrate on target groups. The software comes with functionalities to support employee pulse checks and engagement surveys to enhance the employee experience.

The platform introduces Sogolytics, an integrated ticketing system that connects with CX, EX, and survey projects. This system can also function as a standalone, always-on feedback collection system that customers can embed in their websites and mobile apps. From sending out campaigns to a streamlined case management flow, Sogolytics lets users hear from customers at any time, collaborate internally to give meaningful feedback, and close the loop in a timely fashion. It has a dashboard that highlights success and concern areas regarding responsiveness, customer satisfaction, and critical topics.

Pros of Sogolytics

  • Sogolytics empowers users to understand data at a glance to adjust and tailor impactful business strategies with its Comprehensive Dashboard. This elaborate dashboard allows businesses to spot trends in changing metrics, customize visuals by tags to monitor critical metrics, and visualize patterns to take early action. Moreover, the intuitive UI enables users to dive deeper into specific aspects to discover the reasons behind the metrics, analyze changes, and find out what needs improvement.
  • The software has advanced reports and analytics so businesses can read between the lines. It shows the critical drivers behind the key metrics to let companies realign priorities and focus on points of maximum impact. With Sogolytics, users can segment results to analyze connections and establish correlation and benchmark results over time to understand progress and monitor changes.

Cons of Sogolytics

  • Sogolytics is still working on expanding its list of native integrations.

Breakdown of core features

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Key Driver Analysis

The solution’s Key Driver Analysis is an advanced algorithm that interprets critical strengths and weaknesses that affect the business score. Organizations should use this feature with various key metrics and across touchpoints to identify the factors that need immediate attention. It provides essential insights that equip businesses to realign priorities and implement processes for maximum positive impact.

Rules and alerts

Businesses can stay on top of changing trends and concerns by setting up rules and alerts in Sogolytics. Users get instant notifications for filled answers or submitted surveys. Companies can ensure that critical tickets are flagged as the system notifies the proper team or person to take instant action. Rules and alerts increase the resolution rate, transforming customer satisfaction across the customer journey.

Assured anonymous surveys

Sogolytics protects candid responses and anonymity. Its anonymous surveys have a Sogolytics seal to inform and assure participants that their answers remain confidential. Businesses can capture the responses they need — not just the responses they want and create strategic decisions for growth.


Omni-Report is a flexible, all-in-one report that shows users exactly what the participants are saying. Organizations can filter answers to focus on different participant segments and implement different presentation styles to communicate results. With this feature, users can create a report that tells the complete story. The Omni-Report is also fully customizable, allowing users to utilize multiple report styles in one.

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