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About Sobia Canyon

Sobia Canyon, founded in 2016, is the developer of an eponymous customer relationship management solution they market as a flexible, simple platform that can be completely customized and scale with your business growth. 

Sobia Canyon believes you don’t have to settle for a generic CRM, but you also don’t have to spend far too much  money on industry-specific solutions from legacy software developers; offering the best of both worlds, Sobia Canyon will provide a framework that can be easily adapted to meet the needs of your specific business, industry, client type, or use case. Built-in scheduling, email marketing integration, and a developer-friendly API means that Sobia Canyon CRM can be easily integrated into your existing workflow — change the system, not your process. Of course, you can include all of the functionality offered, or pick and choose only the features you require, paying only for what you need. 

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