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About SoAmpli

SoAmpli is an advocate marketing and sales SaaS platform. Through a user-friendly interface, SoAmpli helps companies turn their sales team into social sellers.

The SoAmpli platform facilitates the creation of a centralized space for heads of marketing and social media managers to quickly distribute fully-approved, on-brand content to their sales team and employees, making it extremely easy for users to post – or schedule in advance – company content on their personal social media profiles. Users can attach a number of social media accounts to their SoAmpli profile, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Links are automatically shortened, which allows your team to follow their journey through the web and bring back information regarding click-throughs, number of shares, and overall reach. Companies can then gather unique insight with SoAmpli’s real time statistics and downloadable dashboards to help measure success and showcase social content’s ROI.

SoAmpli generates relevant prospecting for companies by boosting and showcasing the ROI of their digital content while gaining unique insight and accessing new, untapped routes to market on social media. At the same time, SoAmpli helps bridge the gap between the marketing and sales disciplines, effectively providing sales team with content ammunition – created by marketing – to close more deals and foster stronger relationships on social media.

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