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Located in the small town of Laramie, Wyoming, Snowfly has been providing businesses with solutions for employee recognition since 1999. Snowfly focuses primarily on the employees of a company, and works with management to implement and create programs designed to improve morale, productivity, and employee engagement.

Snowfly uses a hands-on approach with all businesses it works with. Their services rely on gamification, but they work closely with each business to create a customized plan. There are three main ways in which Snowfly engages employees: through internet-based software, through professional services, and via a rewards program. Snowfly brings a wide range of services to their clients. They can implement prize catalogs, automated recognition systems, tests and surveys, individual and team-based contest management, programs to encourage employee-to-employee encouragement and recognition, real-time data and tracking, customized rewards systems, and much more. Additionally, Snowfly can implement more targeted programs addressing problems such as absenteeism, retention improvement, safety improvement, health and wellness, and other topics. When working with clients, Snowfly provides administrator support and training, and end-user support as long as a business remains a client.

In 2010, the Silver Grill Cafe in Colorado relied on Snowfly to create and implement an employee incentive program based on gamification principles. Silver Grill Cafe wanted their staff to promote specific items on their menus, which Snowfly tied to an incentive program. The plan worked incredibly well for Silver Grill Cafe. For every $1 invested into the program (providing rewards to servers and employees) they earned $1.66 in revenue due to the increase in sales of the targeted products.

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