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SnowflyProduct Overview

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Snowfly product overview

Snowfly is a gamification-based incentive, retention, and analytics platform specializing in creating a customized approach to improve employee engagement. It builds, implements, and manages effective incentive and recognition and reward programs that get results.

The platform uses analytics to provide actionable steps towards individual and organizational improvement through focused recognition and incentives. It delivers custom, unique, and measurable results and gives comprehensive cutting-edge Speech Analytics services, too.

Snowfly empowers organizations to achieve and refine business objectives, whether employee retention, company culture, performance, employee satisfaction, or all of the above. The solution offers ways to add recognition to performance, including employee-to-employee recognition programs, service awards and recognition, manager-to-staff recognition, and recognition for special achievements and promotions.

Pros of Snowfly

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  • The platform is flexible and can accommodate complex wellness programs. It manages, tracks, rewards, and incentivizes employees.
  • Its voice and text analytics give insight crucial to improving training and processes to enhance KPIs and OKRs.

Cons of Snowfly

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  • According to users, the solution lacks robust social interaction options between employees.

Breakdown of core features

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Employee wellness programs

Snowfly’s gamification and incentives systems let companies create custom employee wellness programs. These incentives keep things interesting, giving each person a tangible reason to keep coming back. The system simplifies measuring, monitoring, and tracking each person who puts effort into the program. It supports various programs, such as smoking cessation, weight loss, walking challenge programs.

Peer and management recognition

The platform brings tools that automate peer and manager recognition. It allows everyone to recognize and nominate coworkers for company-wide appreciation.

Managers can enable employees to gift incentive points to one another, which means recognition can be both intrinsic and extrinsic. Moreover, Snowfly lets managers thank and commend employees publicly or privately for major or minor accomplishments. They can also tie into the incentive features to award points, redeemable to rewards.

Speech analytics

Snowfly’s Speech Analytics facilitates the processing and analysis of calls between sales and customer support teams. It identifies trends and determines compliance issues to inform organizations about any training adjustment needed. This feature can monitor up to 100% of calls in almost real-time. It runs audio through a complex series of algorithms to check how the call went, allowing businesses to have immediate, accurate, and objective insight into what is happening on every call.

Employee engagement survey

Companies can use employee engagement surveys to get the information necessary to increase employee engagement. Users can copy and paste questions into Snowfly’s survey creator and then designate what kind of response they want. They can also choose to allow respondents to answer anonymously.

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  • Gamification
  • Employee Engagement
  • Kudos, Supervisor, and Peer Recognition
  • Transcriptions and Speech Analytics
  • Text Analytics
  • Video Analytics
  • Performance Engagement and Improvement
  • Leaderboards, Competitions, and Badges
  • Wellness Engagement and Incentive Programs
  • Automated and Manual Quality Monitoring
  • Process Improvement
  • Data Aggregation and Visualization


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