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About Pilgrim SmartSolve

Pilgrim Software, publisher of SmartSolve, was established in 1993 and now has locations around the globe. They have decades of development and customer service expertise in the area of order management software. Pilgrim Software is dedicated to offering the best supplier quality management solutions for today’s businesses in order to help them become more efficient, productive, and profitable. There are more than half a million users of Pilgrim Software products worldwide in industries such as automotive, aerospace, defense and more. Their team is well trained and ready to offer the best in customer service and support. Pilgrim Software’s mission is to be the pioneer in great software solutions that help businesses manufacture safe and compliant products for their customers.

Pilgrim Software’s SmartSolve is their supplier quality management software that is an easy to implement, and use, order management software as well. It is designed to help companies create checklists, supplier profiles, change requests and much more. It┬áreduces errors, helps keep manufacturing compliant and reduces cost. With SmartSolve, companies can automate quality management procedures in a way that is easy and reliable. They can keep track of supplier risk assessments, exposure and parameters with this fully supported order management software.

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