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About Savi SmartChain

Developed as an application for the United States Department of Defense, Savi Technologies’ SmartChain asset tracking and supply chain analytics software provided logistical support for not only the American forces involved in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm, but for allied forces, as well. When the government required the use of radio frequency identification (RFID) for military logistics, Savi complied — and saw an opportunity to enter the private sector.

The company’s SmartChain product incorporates supply chain management (SCM), asset tracking and management, inventory management, and supply chain analytics into a single consumer application built to military-grade specifications. Compatible with GPS, wireless and communications satellites, SmartChain is installed on customer premises. Typical customer results include theft and loss prevention for high value items, eliminating the accumulation of unnecessary items and overall reduction of excess inventory. SmartChain also improves asset utilization, return on those assets and operational streamlining. SmartChain also includes realtime integration with other enterprise resource planning applications. This will allow users to gather realtime data of goods in transit in order to answer any questions of the whearabouts and timing of shipments. This will further increase assurances for customers as well as help to prevent additional losses of goods.

This application acquires data related to assets and modes of transportation upon which assets are transported. Its supply chain analytics function uses current and banked data to model the likely realities of future asset transportation. Savi’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product, called Insight, which incorporates most of Savi’s analytic applications, offers clients a much-reduced return on investment time, generally in a matter of weeks as opposed to months for competitors. Insight offers many of the features of Savi SmartChain and the rest of Savi’s products, and further represents the combination of big data and the internet of things in a single tool.

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