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SmartAdvocateProduct Overview

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SmartAdvocate product overview

SmartAdvocate is a web-based integrated case management software for personal injury and mass tort litigation practices. It unifies the database for managing personal injury cases with Internet-based features, enabling legal organizations to handle, store, track, classify, and communicate to achieve success. The solution increases the overall profitability of companies. Moreover, developers continuously improve the platform with new features for greater productivity.

SmartAdvocate manages clients’ cases through every step of the relationship with the law firm. The Statuses and Sub-Statuses feature allows users to view the progress of every file in their caseload, from pre-signing to pre-litigation, discovery, trial, and post-trial. Legal professionals can combine this with the Intake Case Wizard for an enhanced case management system.

The software delivers features, capabilities, and reports that maximize efficiency, reduce operation costs, and cut down on the opportunity for error. SmartAdvocate boosts client satisfaction, leading to growth for the firm.

Pros of SmartAdvocate

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  • The WorkPlans and Automated Procedures feature saves time and ensures appropriate and consistent handling of every stage of cases, from intake to settlement.
  • Users can keep track of the critical case and lead information, plus vital financial and operational details with SmartAdvocate’s dashboards and reports. They can also customize their own with the Dashboard Viewer.

Cons of SmartAdvocate

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  • According to users, creating templates in SmartAdvocate is time-consuming.

Breakdown of core features

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Document management

The platform lets users create document templates from their current Word, Excel, and PDF forms. It automatically inserts information from the case into the document through an extensive list of standard and custom merge codes. Creating documents from these templates takes a few clicks. Legal teams can mass assemble documents, then personalize them with contact or case-specific data.

Case tracking

With SmartAdvocate Statuses and Sub-Statuses, users know at a glance exactly where each case stands. When a user opens a case, they will immediately see the stage it is in and track any other information of importance to the firm. Teams can also create their own set of Statuses and Sub-Statuses to track the details most important to them. The system allows law practitioners to follow the flow of cases using Reports and Dashboards or build their custom Status report with the Case Browse feature.

Automated workflows

SmartAdvocate’s WorkPlans function as a checklist but also automate some routine processes, streamlining the firm’s operation. Automated Procedures enable users to create repeating tasks and send automated text messages or emails to clients. Users can also add multiple reminders or automatically generate documents, all triggered by various events in the case.

Reports and dashboards

Dashboards and reports in SmartAdvocate let legal teams monitor crucial case information, as well as vital firm financial and operational details. With the Subscribe feature, users can have reports automatically emailed to them on any schedule they choose. The SmartAdvocate team can create custom reports to meet the firm’s needs.

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  • Document Management
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  • Customizations
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  • Staff Collaboration
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  • Reports And Dashboards
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  • Automated Workflows
  • Legal Calendar
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  • Case Tracking
  • Marketing
  • Microsoft Office Add-ins


  • AssureSign
  • CalendarRules
  • CallRail
  • DocuSign
  • Keap
  • Ngage Live Chat
  • Salesforce
  • RingCentral
  • QuickBooks
  • Zapier
  • API integrations


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