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MJC² provides planning and optimization solutions to companies around the world. The SLIM supply chain management system designed by MJC² maximizes manufacturing operations. The software helps companies accurately process thousands of products without wasting resources or time. This production planning and supply chain management software takes into account orders and increases in demand, ideal stock levels to meet orders, raw material planning,  and process capacities.

Several companies have implemented MJC²’s supply chain management software, including Marshalls PLC. David Sarti, a Managing Director at Marshalls PLC, noted how great the software is. “MJC²’s systems are clearly market leading solutions in terms of the user-friendly interface and intuitive operating model. The speed of development from concept to delivery is also outstanding. A clear differentiator is the personal relationship which develops between the development team and the end users. I’ve been delighted with the professionalism and sophistication of the systems supplied.”

MJC² is a private company founded in 1990. It is headquartered in the UK. MJC²’s software provides solutions for several industries, including the logistics and transport industry, food and beverage industry, retail, petroleum, manufacturing, construction and textiles.

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